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No. Item Capability
1 No.of Layer 2¡ª22Layers
2 Finished Board Size£¨Max£© 23″×32″£¨584mm×813mm)
3 Finished Board Size£¨Min£© 3.0¡å¡Á2.0¡å £¨76mm¡Á51mm£©
4 Board Thickness£¨Max£© 0.126″£¨3.2mm£©
5 Board Thickness£¨Min£© 0.016 ¡å£¨0.4mm£©
6 T/C Thickness£¨Min£© 0.0039″£¨0.1mm£©
7 Finished Board Thickness Tolerance
(Board Thickness¡Ý0.8mm)
8 Finished Board Thickness Tolerance
(0.4mm¡ÜBoard Thickness£¼0.8mm)
9 Warpage£¨Max£© ≤0.7%
10 Drilling Hole Diameter£¨Max£© Φ0.252″£¨6.4mm£©
11 Drilling Hole Diameter£¨Min£© Φ0.0079″£¨0.20mm£©
12 Finished Hole Diameter£¨Min£© Φ0.004 ″£¨0.10mm£©
13 Base Copper Thickness of Outer Layer£¨Min£©
1/3 OZ £¨0.012mm£©
14 Base Copper Thickness of Outer Layer£¨Max£©
5 OZ £¨0.175mm£©
15 Base Copper Thickness of Inner Layer£¨Min£©
1/2 OZ £¨0.017mm£©
16 Base Copper Thickness of Inner Layer£¨Max£©
5 OZ £¨0.175mm£©
17 Dielectric Thickness of Inner Layer£¨Min£©
0.0030″ £¨0.076mm£©
18 Type of Base Material CEM-3£»FR-4 £¨130¡æTg£©£»
FR-4 £¨140¡æTg£©£»FR-4 £¨170¡æTg£©
19 Aspect Ratio of Plated Hole£¨Max£©
20 Hole Diameter Tolerance£¨PTH£© ±3mil£¨±0.076mm£©
21 Hole Diameter Tolerance£¨NPTH£© ±2mil£¨±0.051mm£©
22 Hole Position Tolerance£¨Compared with CAD data£©
23 Copper Thickness of PTH Wall£¨SMOBC£© ≥0.8mil£¨≥0.020mm£©
24 Design Line Width/Space of Outer Layer£¨Min£©
T/TOZ 3.5mil/3.5mil    £¨0.089mm/0.089mm£©
H/HOZ 3.5mil/3.5mil    £¨0.089mm/0.089mm£©
1/1OZ 4mil/4mil        £¨0.102mm/0.102mm£©
2/2OZ 5mil/5mil        £¨0.127mm/0.127mm£©
3/3OZ 6mil/6mil        £¨0.152mm/0.152mm£©
25 Design Line Width/Space of Inner Layer(Min)
H/HOZ 3mil/3mil        £¨0.076mm/0.076mm£©
1/1OZ 4mil/4mil        £¨0.102mm/0.102mm£©
2/2OZ 5mil/5mil        £¨0.127mm/0.127mm£©
3/3OZ 6mil/6mil        £¨0.152mm/0.152mm£©
5/5OZ 9mil/9mil        £¨0.229mm/0.229mm£©
26 Tolerance After Etching
H/H OZ ±20%
1/1 OZ ±20%
27 Impedance Tolerance of Inner/Outer Layer
£¾50Ω ±10%
≤50Ω ±5Ω
28 Pattern to Pattern Tolerance£¨Min£©
29 Pattern to Hole Tolerance£¨Min£©
30 Pattern to Outline£¨Outer Layers£©£¨Min£©
31 Pattern to Outline£¨Inner Layers£©£¨Min£©
32 Hole to Hole Tolerance£¨Min£©
33 The Minimum Spacing£¨Hole to Hole£©
34 Hole to Outline Tolerance£¨Min£©
Φd£¼1.0mm ±8mil£¨±0.204mm£©
35 Solder Mask Registration ±2mil
36 Solder Mask Thickness£¨Min£© ≥10um
37 Solder Dam (Min) 3mil(0.076mm)
38 Diameter of Solder Mask Plugging Hole £¾0.75mm£¨Solder In Hole)
0.55-0.75mm(Solder Ball On Single Side)
£¼0.55mm(No Solder Ball)
39 Legend Line Width 4mil
40 Legend height and width (on the circuit)
41 Legend height and width (on the big area of copper or lamination) height:22mil(0.559mm)
42 Legend Registration 4mil(0.102mm)
43 Legend Line Width (Min£©of Solder Mask Opening
44 Nickel Thickness for Immersion Gold (Measured at the Minimum Point)
102-200 uin £¨2.54-5 um£©
45 Gold Thickness for Immersion Gold (Measured at the Minimum Point)
1-4 uin£¨0.0254-0.102 um£©
46 Silver Thickness for Immersion Silver (Measured at the Minimum Point)
6-12 uin£¨0.15-0.3 um£©
47 Tin Thickness for HASL 20-1600 uin£¨0.5-40 um£©
48 Tin Thickness for Immersion Tin (Measured at the Minimum Point)
31.5-48 uin£¨0.8-1.2 um£©
49 Thickness for OSP(Measured at the Minimum Point)
8-12 uin (0.2-0.3 um)
50 Carbon Ink Resistance 20Ω/square
51 Carbon conductor Spacing(Min) 15mil(0.381mm)
52 Punching Tolerance (Edge to Edge)(Min)(For Laminate CEM-X Series)
53 Punching Tolerance (Hole to Edge )(Min)(For Laminate CEM-X Series)
54 Punching Tolerance (Edge to Edge )(Min)(For Laminate FR-X Series)
55 Punching Tolerance (Hole to Edge )(Min)(For Laminate FR-X Series)
56 Routing Tolerance (Edge to Edge )(Min)
57 Routing Tolerance (Hole to Edge )(Min)
58 Radius By Routing (Internal Angle)(Min£©
≥16mil (0.4mm)
59 Countersink Hole Size (When Top Angle is 165°£©£¨Max£©
60 Slot Width (Min) 20mil (0.5mm)
61 Slot Tolerance (PTH)(Length≥2×Width+0.15mm)
62 Slot Tolerance (PTH)(Length£¼2×Width+0.15mm)
63 Slot Tolerance (NPTH) ±3mil(±0.076mm)
64 Test PAD width£¨Min) Flying Probe test£º6mil(0.076mm)
Dedicated test£º8mil(0.203mm)
65 Line Width for AOI (Min) 50um(2mil)
66 Panel Size for AOI(max) 620mm×650mm
67 V-Cut Remaining Thickness Tolerance (Min£©
68 V-Cut Angle Tolerance(30°~60°£© (Min£©
69 V-Cut Misregistration (Min£©
70 Board Thickness for V-Cut (Min£©
71 V-Cut to Hole Tolerance(Min£©
72 V-Cut to V-Cut Tolerance (Min£©
73 Distance from the V-Cut Line to Board Edge (Max)
18 inch
74 HDI hole Diameter(min)£º5mil
75 Rigid-Flex PCB
76 The supplier of main materia):
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